My portfolio

Front end developer and marketer from Geneva

Web Development Projects

The tools used for my codes are Visual Studio Code, GitHub and Netlify (CMS). The technologies are HTML, CSS, React and JavaScript. I focus on building responsive websites (for mobile, mac and pc) for different clients and in different designs.
The projects shown here are made as part of the SheCodes workshops, used by big companies like Google and Amazon.

Over the years, I worked with different client management systems (Wordpress, TYPO3, AEM and Netlify) to build content and use copywriting.

Web & Graphic Design Projects

I have work experience in developing brochures, banners, flyers, a promotional video and logos for service companies (consulting, public, procurement). I primarily use Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and Lightroom) and Affinity for my personal web projects.
My experience covers creating new visuals for different platforms (social media, website and print), editing photos and videos, and developing graphic designs for different clients.

My design process usually involves an exchange with the client to get the main idea, the proposition of different models, the editing process and the presentation of the final design in different versions.

Strategy Projects

I worked with different companies (consulting, public, procurement) to complement their needs in Excel reporting and the implementation of campaign strategies. A non-exhaustif list of my experiences consist of an halloween instagram giveaway contest, a podcast project implementation, a social media content strategy and an SEO strategy.

During my master's studies, I worked in several teams to analyze different business cases (brand audit, competition analysis, business recommendations) toward the realisation of a report and the presentation of its results.

In a team, I make sure the STAR(specific and measurable) goals are met with a detailed follow up of the advancement and I communicate openly with the team members if I have any insights or concerns.


Front end development

Brand strategy

Web Design

UX/UI Design

Community management